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Kyanne’s Story

This is Kyanne’s story through childhood sexual abuse, complex PTSD, drug addiction, and eventually having her children removed from her care. 

Today, Kyanne knows hope and restoration – not only from her past but restoration with her children. She has also recently become married 


Leah’s Story

This is Leah’s story of complex trauma, drug addiction,  eventual psych wards, homelessness and hopelessness. 

Today, Leah has experienced healing from her past and works in an area she could once only dream of – Interior design. Leah also recently became married and has two fur babies – a dog and a cat called Meowvin. 



Tarese’s Story

This is Tarese’s story journey through complex trauma and neglect, and the resulting eating disorder, self-harm, anxiety, depression, suicide attempts and CPTSD.

Today, she has a Masters in Counselling and is a couture fashion designer. She continues to share her story and advocate for others. 








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