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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”

~Brene Brown~

Who We Are

We are innately drawn to people who are vulnerable and real. When I was in the depths of my darkest hours, I used to search for and read the stories of those who had made it. I remember the ways their journey through the darkness helped me hold on when all I wanted to do was let go.

It takes great courage to bare our souls to another, and something about their deep resonates with our deep. It offers that glimmer of hope in the darkness, and that is something to be treasured. Birds with a Feather is a place to share those stories. A collective of many, each with a feather of a dream to share their journey of hope, courage and vulnerability.

My own story of courage, vulnerability and hope from the dark places is what inspired me to start this page. I hope that by sharing my story and sharing others, we can all offer our own bit of hope amongst the darkness.

Tarese Estelle



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A way of thinking developed in the adversity and discomfort, and the fuel that helps us believe we can set goals and take steps towards it.

~Brene Brown~



“To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

~Brene Brown~


Allowing ourselves to be seen despite uncertainty of the outcome.

~Brene Brown~




What is Animal Childhood Sexual Abuse (ACSA)?

“Perpetrators of this type of abuse bank on the fact that Animal CSA is ‘outside the realm of belief’ for the general public. They know survivors are likely to experience disbelief and be re-silenced. The lack of awareness of animal CSA works to the benefit of the perpetrators. And this needs to change.”



“To those who have been through ACSA, I want you to know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are not what your abusers forced onto you, you are not what your abusers tried to make you believe you were. Recovery is possible and you are worthy of it.”


Anonymous  – Surviving Animal Childhood Sexual Abuse

“I want other survivors to know it was not your fault. You are not fucked up or messed up. You are not the only one.  You can heal. You are believed and you matter so much in this world.” 



“Much like the stained glass window from my childhood, the parts of me were intentionally created. Cut, shaped, and designed into the pieces that would fit the mould they were created for.”



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